October 2017, Shanghai, China
300 sqm
Team: Max Trullas (Director), Chen Chen (Designer)
Pictures by Derryck Menere

Energy drink company Red Bull, committed MTMDESIGN its second office in Shanghai after a growth period. The space had to be open and flexible at the same time. Able to hold small events and allow the team to expand in the future, without compromising the work performance of the team.
The space needed to transmit the company core values, of energy, speed, commitment with extreme sports, music and creativity.
The main office space is divided into open office area and flexible lounge-pantry-event space. It is visually divided by sliding glass panels with playful deconstructed Red Bull hero graphics.
We combined expanded metal panels with linear fluorescent light fixtures creating a sense of speed and future, altogether masking part of the services. At the walls we combined translucent polycarbonate panels and cabinets to play with transparencies and light. Wooden storage units with red metal framing provide a warm colorful accent contrast and soften up the space.
There three private meeting spaces. Visitor’s room at reception area is themed with desert racing graphics. Board room, with views to the Huangpu river and futuristic Pudong business district, takes inspiration on racing and skiing.
The open pantry with its movable stainless island and surrounding counters are doubles up as events space, and hot desk area.