Heritage by Madison is the new restaurant by Shanghai celebrity chef Austin Hu. The design is the result of the dialogue between the chef and the studio. This restaurant is his more personal concept to date, as he wanted to share what he cooks at home for his friends and family. Born in NYC from a Shanghainese family, grown up in Korea and Japan its food is a melting pot of all this cuisines.
Taking this story as starting point, we wanted to reflect and celebrate the mix of cultures within the design, in a subtle, refined way. We took as initial departure the NYC lofts, their openness, industrial materiality, their floor to ceiling libraries, etc. The loft format gets reformulated in a Asian refined language.


Shanghai, China

Project completion
April 2019

1/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, Shanghai, China

Max Trullas (Director), Chen Chen, Ted Zhang, Lake Fang (Designers)
Studio Illumine (Lighting design)
Mike Liu (Project Management)

320 sqm over two levels

Pictures by
Derryck Menere

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